A GLIMPSE OF Star gazing


Experience breath taking views of the universe coupled with an enthusiastic and informative explanation held by me, Olivier Sauzereau, as I continue to share my 30 year + passion of the stars with children, teenagers and adults.

As a professional astro-photographer follow me to explore and discover the wonders of our sky. Translation is by my trilingual wife Maguy. (Read July’s DSM article below for more details about us)

In a small group, maximum 8 people, you’ll be able to have a tailored and high quality discovery of the universe, my illuminating explanations will take you light years away from your daily life...

Every Wednesday evening from dusk, between the 4th of July and the 15th of August, we offer you 2 hours of star gazing at our observatory, perfectly set with optimum sky observation conditions in La chapelle aux Lys. (Weather permitting of course!)

A simple phone call, even at the last minute, is enough to book…. or

20 € per person and 10€ for children between 6 and 12 years old.